Serenity of Lake Bohinj

Slovenia is truly a hidden gem within Europe. Nestled between Italy, Austria and Croatia, it is often overlooked and overshadowed by the prevailing neighbouring countries.

The purpose of my trip was to travel throughout Europe during the World Cup, watching a game or two with each country, so France in France, Germany in Germany, Switzerland in… you get the point.

The Europe section of the pinboard.
The Europe section of the pinboard.

However during the planning stage for this trip, I spoke to a friend who strongly urged me to visit the magnificent Lake Bled. From all the crazy stories he had told me I had to see this place for my self, and my oh my was it special! (especially renting out boats to the island and going for a swim in the electric blue water)


bledddd 12.23.27
Snapshot taken from a GoPro video


What’s even better though, is about 30 minutes bus ride from Bled is another lake named Bohinj. This place was heavenly. Away from the very touristy yet beautiful Bled, it can be perfectly described as tranquil – you fall silent as the scenery demands your attention and you find yourself stood in silence gravitating towards reflection.

Below I’ve selected a few shots from my collection to attempt to communicate the serene energy this place possesses…


See my favourite shot here!

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