La Tour Tokyo

Completed in 1958, the iconic Tokyo tower dwarfs all nearby structures, officially stetcheing 333 metres skywards. At this dizzying height it smugly stands 13 metres taller than it’s unmistakeable inspiration – la tour Eiffel.


Eiffel tower at night
Picture yourself in the French capital on a warm summers night. You’re standing at the foot of the Eiffel tower and you decide to look up – this is your view.

Strategically constrcuted at the heart of the capital, it is locally known for it’s functional purpose – a telecommunications centre which transmits all of Tokyo’s nine TV and four FM radio stations. Internationally however, it is recognised as a symbol of post war Japan and the unbelievable industrialisation and economic growth the country has since experienced. 

From all over the globe, people flock to witness the tower’s central panoramic 360-degree views.  A clear day in the special observatory reveals Mt. Fuji gently resting on the horizon or a clear night leaves you to marvel at what appears to be the world’s largest circuit board!


Unlike it’s Parisian model, photographing the illuminated edifice is not illegal, so I’ve included a few photographs from both inside and out – enjoy! 

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