Kyu Yasuda Garden


“WOW” was the first word that came to mind. I know, not very descriptive, but it’s what happens when you’re truly speechless. To the path on my right there’s a gorgeous couple strolling in traditional kimono attire. To the path on my left there’s a small group of elderly people, perched on tiny foldout chairs painting the surrounding scenery. It was a tough decision but I instinctively chose left – the curiosity of what they were painting was too much to bear.


As I followed the path and maneuvered through the ensemble of le artists, the full picture came into view. A hue green lake grabs your attention thanks to the embellishments of turtles, ducks and the iconic koi fish. Encircling this were a dense variety of trees, immaculately kept bushes and flora bursting with colour. 


Grinning ear to ear, I took a seat on the grass and attempted to take all this in. Just a second ago I passed the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and was forced to wade through hordes of die hard sumo wrestling fans. Now I’m experiencing something reminiscent of the spirit oasis in Avatar… 


How could something so peaceful be located in the midst of madness?
How could something so peaceful be located in the midst of madness?

Once I had composed myself, the next logical step was to compose some photographs – so I ventured Bach to the right path. A few minutes of wondering and there it was. An image straight from the movies. Deep in the dual shade of the tree canopy and overlapping umbrellas, the kimono couple stood atop a tarnished red bridge. 



I snapped away until the moment was over then proceeded to explore….Click on a photo to view in gallery format:


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