Harajuku – Shibuya

Takeshita Dori is the heart of Harajuku. Known for it’s indie fashion stores, fad creators and several quirky places to eat – it naturally attracts a somewhat unique audience. A few of the usual suspects are entrepreneurs, foodies, ‘misfits’, Keyser Söze, the hip Tokyo youth, artists and of course – tourists!

   you found me

From my own experience; it would seem the groups mentioned above all feel the streets gravitational pull at the exact – same – time. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photograph capture a point in time where there’s not one human being within the 400m parameter. Even when you google ’empty Takeshita Dori’ it returns images of the strip packed to the absolute brim.

In other words – if you’re uber claustrophobic, I recommend you catch an uber away from this street #bars.


Within 15 minutes of exploration I had lost Sabrina. If you think it’d be an easy task to spot the only other Indian person in Japan – on the same street as you – think again! This is Harajuku, where the sounds, people and colours are so overbearing your senses become numb.

This clearly happened to me – as I ended up shuffling up and down the strip 6 times before retiring to a not so cosy ‘seat’ outside Nao cafe. Proving to be a blessing in disguise, it allowed me to partake in the popular pastime of people watching. Which in truth, if you’re like me (not that into ‘kuwaii’ or shopping) then it’s simply one of the best things you can do in Harajuku.


In particular, people watching on Takeshita Dori is something to behold. Not only will it provide you with bountiful photo ops, but you unintentionally receive great facial exercise. Having to raise your jaw from the floor every now and then, the actions of cringing, smiling and excessive blinking to make sure you’re awake, all leave you terribly exhausted.


Thankfully I managed to find the balance between being respectful and snapping a few cheeky photos. Below I’ve shared a few which give an insight into the wide spectrum of fashion and sites you’ll see on the famous strip.



Tokyo is a city similar to both London and Paris, in the vein that visiting for a week falls within the category of fleeting. As previously mentioned, Tokyo is a city composed of sub-cities, one of which is Shibuya.

you got me 

A few highlights from my brief visit were, stumbling upon the worlds busiest crossing, exploring ‘Tokyu Hands’ and listening to Japanese grime in the iconic Tower records. However I still feel there’s still so much more to do, so will definitely be paying a visit on my inevitable return.

Below I’ve included a few photos I shot during my short stint.

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