Mount Fuji

One of the main reasons I travelled to the enchanted islands of Japan, was to witness the pulchritude of Mount Fuji with my own 2 eyes…

Some of my favourite photographs of the mountain are taken in the winter months – when the peak is aptly embellished with snow. However, as I was visiting in May – the spring sun had melted most of the white stuff away, exposing the beautiful black slopes.

Monk Mount Fuji Japan 2JPG
Mount Fuji is named for the Buddhist fire goddess Fuchi and is sacred to the Shinto goddess Sengen-Sama.


This stratovolcano stands 12,338ft strong, undisputedly earning the title of Japan’s highest peak. However, don’t let this accolade dissuade you from attempting a summit bid. Fuji-San is officially the world’s most climbed mountain, with over 100,000 people successfully summiting per annum.


Unfortunately though, the climbing season is very short (July-August) so I was unable to be one of the many in 2015. But having experienced the mountain’s all-encompassing aura first hand, I’ve vowed to plant my feet firmly on the crest upon my inevitable return.


Black and white Mount Fuji Japan
An embodiment of the very spirit of nature – in Shintoism the spiritual powers possessed by the Gods and Buddhas are believed to reside on the mountains slopes.


When it comes to photographing high profile subjects such as the Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji, the Brandenburg gate etc. I first scrupulously study the subject and then patiently observe those around me. After a quick review I promptly do the exact-opposite of everyone else. The job description is clear: become more creative and use my surroundings to construct photographs which differentiate from the monotonous point and shoot.


So in this instance, we’re talking about the lake, flowers, monuments, rocks, animals and of course my favourite – people! All these things can help to bring the subject to life and the best shots often tell a story.


I thoroughly enjoyed shooting from Kawaguchiko and would highly recommend it as a destination to visit when climbing season, rabbit season and duck season are all closed.

Below I’ve shared some of my favourite photographs and captioned them with awesome facts/pieces of information. Click each photo or flick through the gallery to learn something new!


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