Go Karting with GoPro – Daytona Milton Keynes

Thanks to the awesome Photography team at Argos, I was lucky enough to be taken Go Karting with GoPro.

They gave us a bunch of GoPro Sessions and a variety of mounts to use, then sent us out for two incredible action packed races.

From my 61 minutes of raw footage, I’ve taken all the best bits and conceptually presented them through 14 minutes of pure gold. Comprising of over 47 passes, 10 or so crashes, 3/4 very near misses and one fierce yet fun battle with my arch(er) nemesis Pete – this is my masterpiece.

Below you can find the video and I’ve also outlined the timings for each clip and emboldened the names of those involved:


If you wished to view through youtube, you can also find the below information in the description box:

00.29 – 1.27 (slow-mo included) – Start of 1st Race: had a terrible getaway but made a good recovery and passed 3 people: Katie J – Russel O’Neill – Soph

1.28 – 1.41 – Great pass to take 3 on the inside: Holly – Kat – Soph

1.42 – 2.20 – In full flow passing: Glen – Kayleigh – Zak – Laura – Jon Howland-Nielsen

2.21 – 2.30 – Katie J spins and I hit the brakes causing me and Glen to collide

2.32 – 3.11 – Failed pass on Zak results in Darren and Russ passing me back. I immediately pass Russ back on next corner and get Zak with a ballsy move up the inside on the straight.

3.12 – 3.50 – Pass Kat and some awesome cornering 

3.51 – 4.00 (slow-mo included) – Katie J spins and I manage to just about avoid crashing into her. Her reaction is brilliant.

4.12 – 4.44 (slow-mo included) – Incredible instinctive pass on Soph, maybe my favourite pass out of the 47 or so!

4.45 – 5.16 – Pass Ross (who somehow crashed into the barrier LOL) and then steam pass an unaware Glen on the inside. He wouldn’t give up the fight but ultimately ended up in the barriers for his efforts. In my defence I never once turned the steering wheel right and I’ll also quote the great Ayrton Senna: if you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver!

5.22 – 6.41 – Probably my favourite segment of this whole project. One of my fastest laps, driving the car to the absolute limit, hanging on to every corner and passing 2 cars in the process: Soph – Holly.

6.42 – 7.15 – Hunting down the pack and passing: Glen – Rose – Danny Pearce

7.15 – 7.52 – Was shaping up for a pass on the inside but then all out chaos broke loose with all cars spinning/crashing on the hairpin. Managed to pass: Matt J – Aidan – Darren – Russ – Kat – Laura

7.53 – 10.43 – Start of 2nd Race – If you can bear to tilt your head to the left for just under 3 minutes you will be rewarded! I start 14th and make my way to 2nd in two laps – Off the line I was passed by Pete and Zoe but I came back strong to pass 1 unknown car which started in 13th – KatZak – Matt J – James Sharman – Aidan – Russell – 1 unknown car – Kayleigh – Pete Archer – Jon Howland-Nielsen – Glen – Holly and someone spun out on final corner. 

10.45 – 11.13 – Another one of my favourite segments as I pass Soph, breeze pass Ross (love the look on his face) on the straight and sweep around the outside of Laura after flooring it on the straight. 

11.14 – 11.50 – Hunting down my arch(er) nemesis Pete and passing James Sharman on the inside


11.54 – 12.06 (slow-mo included) – Soph somehow crashes into me and Matt’s friendly greeting 

12.07 – 12.18 – Mugging off Glen and getting 2 shunts in the back as a result haha. Almost took out Russ on this one!

12.19 – 12.23 – Big spin out and collision with Zak trying to avoid a spun out Glen on cold tyres

12.23 – 12.34 – Completely running into the back of Zoe, wasn’t expecting her to break so early – sorry! 

12.35 – 12.41 – Running into the back of Zak this time, again didn’t expect him to break on that corner, poor judgement on my part!

12.42 – 12.46 – My biggest crash of the day! Driving the car to it’s absolute limit with wet and cold tyres I hit the brakes on turn 2 and the back end kicked out causing me to completely miss the turn and smash into the tyres. Good fun but boy did that one hurt!

12.47 – 13.03 – Backing out of a pass on Pete on turn one and having to slam the brakes causing a crazy 180 spin. 

13.04 – 13.10 – Ever since the big crash at 12.49 I had this issue where I would touch the breaks and then have to try and tame the back end as it would kick out. Luckily I had just passed Pete and he gave me a good smack from the left to straighten me out haha. Felt that one for about 3 days after LOL.

13.11 – 13.20 – One of the many incidents in the fierce yet awesome battle with nemesis Pete. Poor judgement on my part, thought I saw a gap but watching the clip he wasn’t taking a wide line, just looking to hit the apex. Ended up wiping us both out for a few seconds!

13.21 – 13.43 – Ross mercilessly taking out Zoe and me having to do a last minute dodge to avoid further contact

13.44 – 13.57 – Pete spinning out me slamming the brakes to avoid a big collision. 

13.58 – FIN – Save the best till last. Hunting down Darren and absolutely mugging him off when I breeze past on the straight. However there was instant karma as I carried wayyyyy too much speed in to the bend and utterly lost control. It was only right I put this amazing clip as the finale! 

My Masterpiece?

A bold claim – I agree, but what gives me the confidence to proclaim such a statement is the level of detail that has gone into the creation. Below I’ve included a few things to listen/look out for when watching the video:


  • This isn’t just a bunch of the best clips randomly thrown together, I’ve meticulously gone through each segment and seamlessly edited them together so it’s as if you’re watching a continuation of natural laps. However in reality, turns 1 and 2 might be from the start of the race and turns 3 and 4 might be from 43 minutes in. This concept, as you can imagine took a very long time to bring to fruition but upon watching from start to finish, it’s brilliant.

  • A heavy mix of Grime, Garage and Jungle provides the soundtrack to an adrenaline fuelled video. However each track has been carefully selected based up on the video contents, camera movement and compatibility with the gorgeous purr of the karts engine. A few examples are the way Solo 45 shouts FEED EM TO THE LIONS as I’m pointing at my competitiors, the nullyfying of all swearwords in the song and the way the bass perfectly suits the erratic movement of the camera for the 2nd race. None of this is chopped or screwed, it’s all a natural part of the soundtrack carefully aligned with the clips.

  • Another example is when General Levy shouts ‘Lord have mercy’ as I’m in progress of making a crazy pass around Sophie and then he follows it up with a timely ‘Booyaka!’ once the pass is made.

  • One of my favourite parts is where UK Apache shouts ‘Alright mate, what you doing mate?!’ as I pass Ross who had somehow crashed into the barriers. A lap later he’s screaming about murdering people on the ‘corner’ as 4 or 5 people spin out and crash on the hairpin.

  • Then you have the mixing of the tracks purely done via the fade in and fade out feature on iMovie. Aligning the bass lines, lulls and screeching of tyres to seamless effect.

Behind the scenes:


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