A whale of a time with 2 Humpbacks

Due to the nature of events and the subsequent regulation, I’m unable to share certain details such as the ‘guides’ or ‘company’ name and thus will refer to them as such. So, it’s 8am and we’re on the boat heading out of Drake bay. The group is uncharacteristically very small, with just myself, an American/Costa…

The Danish Key to the City of Happiness

For my second week in Denmark, I’ve chosen to immerse myself in the urban life of the everyday Danish citizen. Visiting the great cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, I’ve fulfilled the happiness actions of connecting with friendly locals, continuing my learning with several museum visits, being active via bike exploration and as a result taking…

A Primitive Insight into Happiness

This past week has been like any other I’ve ever experienced. Volunteering for one week on an organic farm, I’ve been roughing it in the countryside to get insight into this alternative Danish lifestyle… Achieved through the website ‘Workaway’, my host for the week would be Mel – a tall, cheerful and warm presence. Her…

Saving drowning people is hard

So me and my brother are in Thailand snorkelling off the coast of a tourist trap island. There’s a tonne of people in the sea and this has created a great opportunity to play the wonderful game of hide and seek! For roughly 15 minutes we were having a swell time manoeuvring through the electric…

Skepta – Konnichiwa Tour

“It becomes impossible to stand still, moshpits opening and closing left, right and centre. You have no choice but to be at one with the raging sea of people. Either move with the current of the crowd or crash into wave after wave of displaced gun finger toting fans. I love it! It’s raw. It’s grimey. It’s passion. It’s in the moment..

Harajuku – Shibuya

Takeshita Dori is the heart of Harajuku. Known for it’s indie fashion stores, fad creators and several quirky places to eat – it naturally attracts a somewhat unique audience. A few of the usual suspects are entrepreneurs, foodies, ‘misfits’, Keyser Söze, the hip Tokyo youth, artists and of course – tourists!


Close your eyes and picture Tokyo…. what do you see?

Fluorescent neon lights, outlandish architecture, gigantic department stores, picturesque parks, side street bars, penthouse karaoke, Bill Murray, michelin star restaurants, the odd robot maybe?

If the above is what you envisage, then Shinjuku is the place to be

Kyu Yasuda Garden

  “WOW” was the first word that came to mind. I know, not very descriptive, but it’s what happens when you’re truly speechless. To the path on my right there’s a gorgeous couple strolling in traditional kimono attire. To the path on my left there’s a small group of elderly people, perched on tiny foldout…

Akihabara – Electric Town

The name ‘Electric town’ stems from a period post WW2 where radio components and other small electricals were sold in a black market style environement. Due to a lack of clear governmental guidance these markets flourished and grew exponentially.   By the end of the 60’s Akihabara was the central hub for discount stores and…

Japan (日本)

When people ask, what’s Japan like? It can almost be frustrating to articulate a message which does the islands justice. However in an ironic sort of way that in itself speaks volumes, as it’s not for lack of academic prowess but for the sheer beautiful complexity of the country which leaves one lost for words….