Phife Dawg

Rest in peace to the legendary Phife Dawg

Mount Fuji

One of the main reasons I travelled to the enchanted islands of Japan, was to witness the pulchritude of Mount Fuji with my own 2 eyes… Some of my favourite photographs of the mountain are taken in the winter months – when the peak is aptly embellished with snow. However, as I was visiting in…

Harajuku – Shibuya

Takeshita Dori is the heart of Harajuku. Known for it’s indie fashion stores, fad creators and several quirky places to eat – it naturally attracts a somewhat unique audience. A few of the usual suspects are entrepreneurs, foodies, ‘misfits’, Keyser Söze, the hip Tokyo youth, artists and of course – tourists!


Close your eyes and picture Tokyo…. what do you see?

Fluorescent neon lights, outlandish architecture, gigantic department stores, picturesque parks, side street bars, penthouse karaoke, Bill Murray, michelin star restaurants, the odd robot maybe?

If the above is what you envisage, then Shinjuku is the place to be

Kyu Yasuda Garden

  “WOW” was the first word that came to mind. I know, not very descriptive, but it’s what happens when you’re truly speechless. To the path on my right there’s a gorgeous couple strolling in traditional kimono attire. To the path on my left there’s a small group of elderly people, perched on tiny foldout…

La Tour Tokyo

Completed in 1958, the iconic Tokyo tower dwarfs all nearby structures, officially stetcheing 333 metres skywards. At this dizzying height it smugly stands 13 metres taller than it’s unmistakeable inspiration – la tour Eiffel.   Strategically constrcuted at the heart of the capital, it is locally known for it’s functional purpose – a telecommunications centre which…

Japan’s Imperial Palace

As I left the Marunouchi exit of Tokyo station, I was warmly greeted by an array of glistening skyscrapers.  This took me by surprise as my imagination painted the journey to the Imperial Palace of Japan much less wetsernised. The roads were ofcourse spotless and wide, however it was suprisingly scarce, when considering Tokyo is…

Akihabara – Electric Town

The name ‘Electric town’ stems from a period post WW2 where radio components and other small electricals were sold in a black market style environement. Due to a lack of clear governmental guidance these markets flourished and grew exponentially.   By the end of the 60’s Akihabara was the central hub for discount stores and…

Japan (日本)

When people ask, what’s Japan like? It can almost be frustrating to articulate a message which does the islands justice. However in an ironic sort of way that in itself speaks volumes, as it’s not for lack of academic prowess but for the sheer beautiful complexity of the country which leaves one lost for words….